【Chigasaki Style】 Nana Sakai_Staff Introduction
by: Naoki Sakai

Hi everyone! ☺

My name is Nana Sakai, and I’m a guy from Colorado, USA.

I graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder and the Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara, California. I’m bilingual in Japanese and English.


I came to Japan years ago, and work as a fashion/advertising photographer and

videographer for the past 20 years.

I’ve always been interested in design and visuals, as well as sports

and natural beauty.  Road bicycles combine my interests in one package, from

the physicality and healthy sport of riding, combined with the elegance of bicycle design, and the completely cool look and feel of road bicycles, to the fun and exhileration of riding one on a scenic Ocean highway.  I built myself a DeRosa Age Chrome road bike with Campy Chorus components, Shamal Ultra Wheels, and it’s my baby…I love this bicycle!


I found a new and refreshing look at the world, from the saddle of a road bicycle.

Here in Chigasaki, a place with some of the most beautiful sunsets, we’re right on the ocean, with the seaside road, no. 134, from Hayama/Yokosuka to Oiso/Odawara, on up to Hakone, all the way to Mt. Fuji, within about a 70KM range, being a popular route for cycle enthusiasts, passing right in front of our store. We’re a ten minute walk from Chigasaki Station.

If you’re into cycling, or just curious and want to check out the Shonan area of beaches, with nearby areas such as Kamakura and Zushi, and would like to see some great bikes, with full accessories and components, gear and tools, or any maintenance needs, please stop by. We’re right on Southern Beach, in Chigasaki.  You can’t miss us!


I’ll be blogging, showing you all some of fun stuff, so please tune in!

I’m here on Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Monday’s, so give me a visit and I can take

care of your road biking needs.  We also have mountain bikes, crossbikes, and have

Access to such things as folding and electric bikes, so if you need an English speaker to

communicate your bicycling desires, here I am!  Welcome all! (にほんごもはなせますよ!ようこそ!)