Chigasaki Style: Cycle Mode International 2018
by: Naoki Sakai

Cycle Mode International 2018, from 11/9-11/11 at Makuhari Messe Convention complex is a bicycle show, compete with a full range of makers and demo bicycles and information for those who would like to check out the 2019 line of goods.  If you want to go, tomorrow, Sunday, 11/11, is the final day. 


The makers include Pinerello, DeRosa, LaPierre, Look, Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram, etc., etc. Bicycle makers have demos, for a makeshift track in a covered parking area, and try ons for shoes, clothes, helmets are available along with information for bike rides, and other various products to see.  


I went there, yesterday(11/9) morning, from Chigasaki.  I decided to take my foldie, a Brompton, on the train in hopes of riding about the Makuhari area, with its wide roads and sidewalks.  When I left Chigasaki, the forecast was clouds with little rain, but when I got there, it was raining. 🙁



While I did ride a bit, and it wasn’t raining hard, the drizzle was constant, so not as much fun as I’d anticipated. However, I did go directly to the Cycle Mode, and it was quite impressive, with lots of new bikes, styles and looks, for the 2019 season.  The displays for Pinarello were impressive.  I mean, wow, how can it not be when you’ve got all those champions with Team Sky. 


From DeRosa to Look to Pinarello, a full range of bicycles to see and admire were on beautiful display, and many models to choose from to demo.  One can spend hours there, with resting/table areas and food court, to get lunch and/or convenience store, so you don’t need to leave the complex for sustenance.  It’s a well run show that costs 1600 yen entrance fee, and if you have free time, tomorrow, it’s worth seeing, if you want to check out the top end road bikes and accessories.