Chigasaki Style: Cannondale Systemsix Carbon Ultegra
by: Naoki Sakai

It’s a gorgeous day on the beach! Skies are blue, crisp and alive!



I wanted to introduce the Cannondale Systemsix Carbon Ultegra bicycle to everyone.   This edition is the all-new line from Cannondale for 2019. Its goal is to be the fastest and most efficient UCI legal road bike on the planet! Its unique design is fully integrated for more speed, in more situations, than any bicycle on the market.  It’s race and everyday fast, as the world’s fastest bike!


The frame is Ballistec Carbon with a Shimano hydro disc drive train.  Crank is the Cannondale HollowGram SI with spider ring, 52/36.  It has Fulcrum racing DB wheels wiht Vittoria Rubino pro speed tires, and comes in at 8.0 Kg.

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The size of the bicycle is a 51, and its price is 420,000 yen+TAX. 


Please come by and see this great looking, efficient and super fast machine, enjoy all the bicycles and goods in our shop, and the beach sun, today!