Chigasaki Style: Y’s Road Chigasaki!!!!!
by: Naoki Sakai

Here at Y’s Road Chigasaki, we pride ourselves on being the aesthetically beautiful location right on Southern Beach, overlooking the ocean and having the Eboshi rock and Enoshima visible from our deck.  That we also happen to sell the greatest bicycles in the world is the obvious reason to come to Y’s Road Chigasaki, and I’d like to introduce and welcome any English speakers out there, to see our store, first hand. 


It is loaded with over 100 bicycles and top end frames, along with elite wheels, top components from Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM, triathlon needs and bikes, and all your accessory, care taking and bicycle maintenance needs. Our staff mechanics are the best.  They can put together a bicycle from frame set to assembly, with your choice of components, etc. 


We have everything from overhaul services to simple fixes like derailleur adjustments, with an incredibly friendly staff and outlook, second to none.  The care you get at Y’s Road Chigasaki is our pride and privilege.



So please, come by, we’re located up the road from Chigasaki Station, following the Southern Dori road about a kilometer and a half.  Or there is a bus that leaves every half hour from the station, which stops right in front of Southern Beach, and our store.  If on bicycle or automobile, one can ride the 134 road on the Shonan coast, and we’re on the corner of 134 and Southern Dori, on the first and second floors of the SB Hills building, a large concrete structure, hard to miss!


This Christmas season, if you have time, please come by, check out the beautiful coast and have some fun!