Chigasaki Style: Maintenance needs!
by: Naoki Sakai

A beautiful January morning in Chigasaki!  For your every day bicycling maintenance needs ranging from chain cleaner to lube to tools, we have them!


Wako’s is a maker in Japan that caters to all your cleaning and lubricating needs, including coating waxes, and degreasers.


We have a variety of brands for cleaning including Finish Line, Muc-Off, White Lightning and Shimano Premium Grease.


Our tools include Pro, Shimano, Lezyne, Topeak and Bontrager for hex wrenches, peddle tools, chain removers and the like.  If we don’t have what you need, we can surely get by order, but it’s likely we have the tool you need for your basic bicycling maintenance.


We have January New Year’s specials still going on, such as component bags for Ultegra and SRAM, so please come to Y’s Road Chigasaki and enjoy the sunshine!!F37B1C00-264A-417F-8B79-75FB07AE22ED964F5CCA-9661-487A-8741-F1C87D8397BE