Chigasaki Style: On Cloud On Sale!!
by: 坂井尚輝

Land Soft. Push off hard. With the uniquely designed cushioning of Cloudtec, On Cloud running shoes are uniquely constructed for high performance and comfort.  Fast. Lightweight. A shoe that broke the Ironman World record.   At Y’s Road Chigasaki, we have the Cloudflow and Cloud shoes on sale.



The ON Cloudflow shoe is a size 8, priced at 7650yen+TAX, down from 15,300yen+TAX. Its color is Malibu/Neon.


We have 3 ON Cloud series shoes on sale, with the Cloud women’s shoes, both in size 7, a black/white version along with Grape/sulfur color, both priced at 6400yen+TAX, originally priced at 12,800yen+TAX.


The men’s ON Cloud shoe is a size 8.5, priced at 3840 yen+TAX, reduced from 12,800yen+TAX. Please come to Y’s Road Chigasaki, and see our many values on sale, along with all your bicycling needs.