Chigasaki Style: Fabric Cell Elite Radius Saddle
by: 坂井尚輝

Fabric’s Cell Elite Radius series are a multicolored saddle made of collapsible pyramid cells to increase comfort and lightness, as the air core stays supple under pressure.  It is designed for a more upright riding position, is durable and has great support as any saddle. 


The collapsible pyramid cells are air tight seals that stops the saddle from completely compressing, so one never feels painful pressure points found on traditional seats.   It’s ideal for daily commutes or fun rides, while in jeans or shorts.  It comes in six different colors. 


Experience unparalleled comfort for every day riding with the unique, air sprung saddle design of the Fabric Cell Elite Radius, sold at 9500 yen+TAX at Y’s Road Chigasaki on the Shonan coast.