Chigasaki Style: Yusa san special!
by: Naoki Sakai

Here at Y’s Road Chigasaki, we’re a fun group who likes to see the world with broad interests and abilities.  It’s mostly bicycle love, but there’s also room for a whole lot of other things like photography, drones, and enjoying the Shonan Coast and sun.   Our very special mind, Mr. Yukinori Yusa recently did a favor for our resident high school ‘arbeit’, Asakura-kun, and did a wrap of a blue and white cord into a drop handle grip on his Trek roadie.  I saw this and was like, ‘wow, this is cool!’  So, I’m showing it here.  It isn’t a readily available service at Y’s Road, but if you come in to Y’s Road Chigasaki and talk with Yusa san, about this unique and wonderful handle bar option, it would enlighten your day!25EC75A1-2A61-4024-9F53-139E1353680319785F55-88B9-4F49-A9C0-CCA368958E67


I asked him if the wrap was a Japanese traditional wrap, from, say, a samurai type sword, but he told me that, no, it’s actually his interest in western Ax wrap weaves done with paracords.  Yusa san, as the story goes, was poor one day and wanted to wrap his handle bars, but wanted a nice wrap at a lower price than high end bar tapes, and the less expensive paracord wrap was his new idea.  Great idea!! I love this story!! 🙂 A case of international influence, and diversity in our Y’s Road Chigasaki store, up the road from Chigasaki Station on famous Southern Dori(you know, the band Southern All Stars with Keisuke Kuwata named for this area). 


He uses paracords total a length of 12 meters each for right and left side.  That’s one tight and detailed wrap!! Obviously, it takes a lot of effort and diligence to do such a beautiful weave, and he finishes it with a layer of lacquer to give it a bright shine along with water proofing.  Again, it isn’t something Y’s Road sells as a service, it’s more an interesting dexterity, aesthetic and fun thing showing Yusa san’s inspirational side and I thought I’d share on this blog!