Chigasaki Style**Brompton on the Rocks.
by: Naoki Sakai

Warmer weather!! Finally!! The sun is out, and it feels great to be outdoors.  The Shonan Coastline is beautiful, and rides at sunset are filled with pastels and serenity.  It feels wonderful to be riding when the wind is calm, the air is fresh, and Fujiyama stands majestically in the distance.

I rode my Brompton around Chigasaki, and flew my drone over the rocks, taking an overhead video of myself.  It’s obviously not a normal road, I took the Brompton over the sand, to the formation of stones.

Bromptons are great because they are so functional and efficient. A 6 gear model rides extremely well for such a small wheel base, which allows the bicycle to be folded into a compact carry.  It’s great for trains in Japan, where space is very much a premium, and I often ride in Tokyo or Yokohama or other places by riding my Brompton to the station, get on a train with it folded neatly, get off at a destination and ride to see a world I’d otherwise not see, if not on bicycle!

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