Chigasaki Style**Kamakura Brompton
by: Naoki Sakai

Beautiful days as the weather gets warmer and we head toward the heat of summer.  I decided to take the Brompton for a spin in Kamakura, where there are a lot of places to go and see, from the temples to the sea.  It’s a fairly wide area, and the Brompton was perfect to fold up for the train and bicycle about the entire area.

Riding from places like the Great Buddha temple, to the sea, to the temple Kencho-ji and it’s beautiful back garden climb up the steep hill, Kamakura is a special place for spiritual, natural and architectural wonder.

Spring to summer is in full flight, as the Shonan area is full of beach area fun and events.  Many activities in the water, as well as food and drink carnivals for everyone to get out, enjoy the sun and hang out!

Here at Y’s Road Chigasaki, Southern Beach is full of tents for sea activity demos such as paddle boards and wind surfing, and the smell of bbq and foods fill the air, tempting all to lay out in the sun, drink and eat!  Kids are playing soccer and baseball, while the ocean is filling up with swimmers and surfers, as the temperature rises. The tents and food are at Southern Beach over this weekend, today and Sunday, 5/25 and 5/26.  Come on down to the beach and visit us!! We have stock of Brompton bicycles!!