CHIGASAKI STYLE: Pearl Izumi Rain wear.
by: Naoki Sakai


As the rainy season approaches, Y’s Road Chigasaki has a new product, a rain/windbreaker jacket from Pearl Izumi. It is a beautiful white transparent color with solid black lettering, giving it a sleek and fashionable look. It is priced at a very reasonable 3800 yen+TAX.


It is available only in size S/M.  I decided to try it on, and see how the fit is, as we don’t have larger sizes.  I’m 173 cm. tall with average to slightly broad shoulders(for a normal Japanese build, avg. to slightly small for an average American).  I found the fit to be slightly tight in the shoulders and in the arms.  It doesn’t look completely wrong, but it isn’t comfortable enough to not want an extra size up.   Here’s how it looks on me:

It is a very nice vinyl rain jacket, and is functional while having nice lines and look to it.  If you think perhaps it’ll fit you, at about 158-170 cm., I’d recommend it.  Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki and check it for yourself!