by: Naoki Sakai

Y’s Road Chigasaki has a new item in RxL bicycle socks.  They’re firm grip, that won’t slip and slide inside your shoes.  The traction you get, especially in the hot weather, is strong and that’s a major relief for anyone who’s had slippage affect their ride.




The bottom of the socks have slightly raised rubberized traction nubs from the heal in a crossing pattern up to the front area where the protuberance’ are in a more square pattern to give added heal support,  while giving firm, but added comfort, up front.





The best part might be the attractive design and colors, one might think, but I believe the price is what’s most amazing, These socks go for 900yen+TAX.  That’s a great price on new model top end socks.  One could buy two pairs for the price of other type of bicycle socks single pair.   Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki and enjoy the fresh air!  While you’re here, check out the comfort for your feet with the new RxL sock, available in S(22-24, M(24-26) and L(26-28) sizes.