by: Naoki Sakai

For many who ride folding bicycles, Brompton is iconic.  Whether it is the 3 or 6 geared model, this is a bicycle who’s functionality is perfected, with a great ride and its full line of attractive accessories, including bags, lights, and tools, it takes its place as a unique, high end product, of which many love, including myself.


We’ve only stocked Brompton’s at Y’s Road Chigasaki for about a month, but it is already selling well. Here at Y’s Road Chigasaki, our Brompton bicycles have a special 20% allowance on our store point card.  What that means is for our current set of Bromptons, 2018 models, we sell them at a regular price, but the customer gets points redeemable towards any products in our store.  The M3R is priced at 220000 yen + TAX, the M6L is priced at 190000yen +TAX, and the super light framed M6L-X is priced at 290000 yen + TAX. 




Brompton has a catalog full of goods, some in stock, which can be ordered and delivered quickly, with full usage of Y’s road points for products sold by us. But these will not last long, so if you have an interest to see them, we welcome you to check them out, soon!