by: Naoki Sakai

The IA2 slices thru the air with a deep section frame and fork that keeps cables routed internally and brake calipers hidden away from the air stream.  It is a frame shape that required throwing out the UCI’s restrictive rulebook for time trial racing at the professional level, but Felt, nonetheless built a no-holds-barred triathlon machine



Felt’s TexTreme carbon fiber takes a revolutionary approach to building with carbon fiber by using flattened ribbon like threads that make up the raw fabric of carbon fiber. This allows Felt to build the IA2’s frame much lighter with less resin, improving quallity control, torsional strenth and uniform weight for their bicycles




It is equipped with Sram etap wireless shifters with an eTap rear and front derailleur.  Wireless folks! Nothing connects the derailleur to the shifters except a coded signal.  It has a Quark crankset, integrated brake mounts, ISM PS 1.0 saddle for a fully triathlon speed equipped machine!




At Y’S Road Chigasaki we have a size 48 and 51 and it is 50% off regular price, from a regular 898000yen + TAX down to 449000yen+TAX.  Please come out to Southern Beach and check it out, it’s a fast bicycle, the triathlon machine of your dreams, at a great price!!