CHIGASAKI STYLE**Brompton Accessories
by: Naoki Sakai

For folding bicycle lovers, we have Brompton, the quintessential British maker, of the most functional riding collapsable two wheelers.   To support the Brompton line, we have a full selection of Brompton goods to improve your ride.  Brompton Asia special edition. 260000 + TAX.



The CDJ Chain Tensioner. It’s marked to a 50% discount to 24000 Yen + TAX.



Volt 100 Cateye x Maware light. 5500 yen+TAX.  Brompton bag. 18000 yen+TAX.  Chris King Grip nut. 20000 yen +TAX.



Cateye Volt 400 light with Brompton logo. 9500 yen + TAX.  Brompton Tool kit. 10000 yen +TAX.  Brooks grip. 8600 yen + TAX.



Cateye Rapid mini for Brompton x Maware. 5000 yen + TAX.


Brooks Original leather saddle: 20000 yen + TAX.


And more!  Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki and get all your Brompton, as well as road, triathlon and crossbike needs!