CHIGASAKI STYLE**Camelbak Podium Priced down!!
by: Naoki Sakai

At Y’s Road Chigasaki is an ongoing Super Summer Sale from 8/10 to 9/1, with cycle wear and fully assembled bicycles up to 40% off.  We also have Camelbak Podium bottles, in various colors and sizes of 620ml and 750ml volume, 30% off. 





The Camelbak is famous for its insulated bike bottles, capable of keeping drinks colder, longer, in the hot summer months.   It has a simple to use self sealing cap, no longer having to use your teeth to open and close, and is leak proof, in design.  The high flow cap maximizes flow rate, while eliminating splatters and spills.





In a number of colors and boasting aesthetic graphics, it not only is functional, but looks great!  A best seller at a great price, as we have the 620 ml bottles at 1225 yen +TAX, down from 1750 yen +TAX, and the 750 ml bottle priced at 1365 yen +TAX, down from 1950 yen +TAX!!   🙂








Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki and have fun at Southern Beach, while enjoying the ocean.  Tonight, there are fireworks, a wonderful show, if you’ve never seen the Chigasaki hanabi taikai with the ocean reflecting the bright lights!!