CHIGASAKI STYLE**GIOS Mistral aluminum SIZE 43(155-170cm)!
by: Naoki Sakai

It’s summer time and you want to ride a bicycle, but your ‘chari’ just doesn’t exite you.  You want to find a quicker and fun bicycle for city and rides of about 10KM.  Cross bicycles are so much better than ‘chari’ type bicycles, being lighter and functionally pleasing, and faster, as you have 24 easily shifted gears at your finger tips, making it an awesome time riding a bike!!  For those riders out there, about 155-170 cm, we have a size 43 Gios Mistral. Gios is an Italian brand by Alfredo Gios. The Mistral is a cross bike with flat bar handle made with the same care and detail of the racing and vintage type bicycle knowledge gained from years of expertise and building by this Italian maker.  Our stock is in a beautiful blue. 







It is an aluminum frame with an original Gios Cro-mo fork, is equipped with Shimano FD-TY701(ALTUS) drive train, with 700x28c tires. It weights 10.8 KG, with Shimano brakes.






We also have Mistral in stock a size 48(165-180cm) in aluminum and a size 48 in chrome.  The price for both aluminum and chrome models is 59800yen +TAX.  Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki at Southern Beach and enjoy the day! 🙂  The Gios Mistral is waiting for you!!