by: Naoki Sakai

Bicycling is fun, but can be dangerous on the narrow roads, with trucks and cars whizzing by. It’s important to have bright lights, both front and rear, with blinking capability, visible for 100’s of meters in the darkness or haze of low light.  The Lezyne Classic Drive XL 700 lumens front LED and the Rear LED Strip Drive 150 lumens are lights capable of giving strong luminescence for your rides.









The Lezyne Strip Drive rear LED is a five vertical light strip of lights that can blink in 11 various patterns, and be turned on fully.  It has side visibility, is waterproof, has memory mode with simple strap mounting and intelligent power indication. It runs on high for 3.15 hours and low for 30.3 hours.  It is USB recharged.  The up and down strip action of the red LED lights give great patterns of brightness easily viewed by cars and cyclists.  It is priced at 4,400 yen +TAX. 




The Lezyne Classic Drive XL front LED has 700 max lumens.  It features 8 output modes, including a powerful daytime flash mode and has side cutouts for 180 degree visibility.  700 lumens gives this light, along with its various output modes, incredible versatility day or night.  It runs up to 30 hours 30 minutes on one charge and is USB recharged.  It is priced at 7800 yen +TAX.




Both the Classic Drive XL and Strip Drive are examples of Lezyne’s elegant styling for a modern lineup of cycling lights that look great on road bicycles and has elite functionality.  Please stop by Y’s Road Chigasaki on the Shonan Coast and see the Lezyne LED’s and our full line of lights, accessories, bicycles and clothing.  It’s a cool refreshing AC’d break from the heat, in our store, if you’re hanging out at the beach, this OBON season!!