by: Naoki Sakai

I’ve had a love for DeRosa, the heart of Italian cycling. Instead of going the usual aluminum or carbon route, I went with the classic chrome tubes of the De Rosa Age.  It was the first road bike I’d owned, and it was an assembly bicycle from frame set to bicycle, with all the parts chosen by me.   Here at Y’s Road, we have a De Rosa Age frame set, the same size as mine, a 52, and it is a good price.  It’s a beautiful champagne color with white highlights.  The frame itself may be difficult to visualize as a bicycle, so I’m showing how my comparable De Rosa Age looks with choice of assembled components and wheels, etc. 




The De Rosa Age is a fillet brazed stainless steel frame with modern geometry and a sleek seamless asthetic due to the, fairly recent, technique of brazing the joints to a lugless, smooth transition of tubes, that is simply gorgeous.  If you look at the close ups of my frame, you can see the fluid joints going from silver to gold at each point of attachment.  It might be favorite point of the bicycle, unique in its beauty. 












I’ve got Campagnolo Chorus components(roughly 230,000 yen +TAX, and Campagnolo Shamal Ultra(~140000 yen +TAX) wheels with Pirelli P Zero all weather tires(~7000 yen each,+TAX).  Seat post, quill stem and handle bars by De Rosa, in silver(~26000 yen +TAX for all 3)  The white seat was a gift from Koyano san. The Look pedals (~14000 yen +TAX).  A Campy Record headset(~8000 yen +TAX).  It is roughly 45-500000 yen to gear up in Campy.  If going Ultegra route, would be around 120000 less…







The Age is regularly priced at 395000 yen +TAX.  You’ll have to ask us our price by coming down to Y’s Road Chigasaki and checking it out!  We have a number of frames, on sale thru August, up to 50% off the regular price.  It’s an excellent time to assemble a unique bicycle, such as the DeRosa Age, all your own, to a quality standard of your choosing.  From my experience, it’s worth the expense, you’ll end up loving your bicycle, riding it with confidence, and taking great care of your very own treasure!!