CHIGASAKI STYLE**Chris King Gripnut for Brompton
by: Naoki Sakai

Chris King 1-1/8″ steel Gripnut to give your Brompton an elite feel to your headset.  The quality of the Chris King Gripnut is famous for its bearings and races being of the highest quality steel and will last forever.  It looks pretty cool, as one can see here, in silver:





It can be easily greased, cleaned and used, over and again, lasting a lifetime.  It is a precision instrument engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland Oregon, USA.  The price is 20000 yen +TAX.




Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki and check out the Chris King gripnut, along with many Brompton accessories and bicycles.  Brompton, the most accessible folding bicycle in the world are in stock and we have full service for Brompton bicycles.