by: Naoki Sakai

Well, rhyming humor aside 🙂 Muc-Off is a cleaning/lubricating system born in the UK for motor cycle cleaning, and extended to cars and F-1 to Team Sky and bicycling.  It is a system that involves 3 basic step program for bicycles. 1. Clean your bike. 2. Protect your bike. 3 Lube your bike. 




The products shown here, the Muc-Off drive train cleaner and the Muc-Off fast action bike cleaner are used to, um, clean the drive train and the bicycle frame/exterior, ie, step 1. 😉




It is a fast and efficient way to clean with power, yet not damage the bicycle with harsh detergents.  As Muc-Off says, ‘spray on, wash off, no sweat!’ It is biodegradable using nano technology, and is matt finish safe.   It is recommended and used by Team Sky(now Team Ineos), Cannondale, Look, Scott and Specialized.






With the typhoon looming at this time(16:00, Sunday), our bicycles could be in for a bit of wind, water and mud, so it is a good time to clean it all up with Muc-Off!  The Muc-Off fast action bike cleaner sells for 1680 yen+TAX .  The Muc-Off drivetrain cleaner sells for 3240 yen +TAX.