by: Naoki Sakai

Kabuto is a Japanese maker famous for making helmets to especially fit the Asian shaped heads, but comfortable for all.  Kabuto is also a leading maker of sunglasses for cycling, with the Kabuto 121 shown here, a photochromic clear lens, changing with the light. It sells for 20000 yen +TAX. 



The Kabuto Aero-V1 helmet is a lightweight, aero designed helmet for breath ability and shaped for speed.  Kabuto is having a special campaign selling the Aero-V1(18000 yen +TAX) + ARS 3 clear photochromic shield(10000 yen +TAX). a 28000 yen +TAX value for a special 24000 yen +TAX. 



See both, in stock, at Y’s Road Chigasaki at Southern Beach in Chigasaki on the Shonan Coastline, the best bike riding in the Kanto area! 🙂


Kabuto 121 mirror coated green lens. 15000 yen +TAX.