CHIGASAKI STYLE**For your October Pleasure: Cannondale CAAD Optimo 105!!
by: Naoki Sakai

The cooler weather certainly is great for bicycle riding.  No more ridiculously hot/humid days, and the ocean breeze here on the Shonan coastline feels awesome, each and every day!  It’s soooo refreshing living in an area like Chigasaki where the ocean and sun meet in clear skies.  At night, the quiet is soothing and few people milling around…very therapeutic in comparison to the Kanto rat race.   For those initiating road bicycle riding, the entry level Cannondale CAAD Optimo 105 is the jam!!





Optimo, for years, is a standard in entry level aluminum frames with carbon forks.   It is an affordable model from research gained from its illustrious aluminum sibling, the CAAD 13.  These models shown are Shimano 105 group set driven.  At a price of 140000 yen +TAX, it is the highest performance cost effective bicycle around.  For the entry level rider, it’s perfect!!





It comes in two beautiful glossy colors of black with red/orange highlights and full ultra violet, an aesthetic shade of purple with stealth black lettering.  The bicycle looks like it has no brand name on first look.  Very sheek and very cool!!



Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki and see for yourself the picturesque sunsets and the sunrises and the in between hours at Southern Beach.  It’s a great time to check us out for all your road bicycling needs.  FYI: The fireworks/hanabi taikai schedule for the summer but postponed will be done here at Southern Beach on Saturday, October 19th!!  It is a great show, and not many October fireworks shows, so make a plan to see it, and come by Y’s Road, while you’re here!!! 🙂