by: Naoki Sakai

This rather dreary weekend rain is a bit of a drag.  But wait!! It’s Black Friday Sale!!  At Y’s Road Chigasaki we have a 5%off sale on all goods from Friday, 11/22 to Tuesday, 11/26!!  Hope to see you visit us on the Shonan Coast!! 



            🙂 😀


Black Friday is termed for the day after the national holiday, Thanksgiving.  In Philadelphia, police deemed the two days after Thanksgiving as Black Friday and Black Saturday as extreme traffic jams occurred due to Christmas shoppers getting the jump on the holiday season.   Over crowding of sidewalks were the norm as downtown stores were mobbed from opening to closing.



Today, Black Friday is mostly a positive connotation and event, with shoppers going out and finding discounts at retailers, but some have found it has turned into a black eye friday where fights and injury has occurred when customers become overly zealous in their quest to get goods at a nice price.   In Japan, everything’s cool. No problems and Black Friday Sale is on at Y’s Road Chigasaki!!