CHIGASAKI STYLE**Eddie Merckx 1964 Tokyo Olympics!!
by: Naoki Sakai

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics coming soon, sports and for Y’s Road Chigasaki,  bicycling is going to be a major event, along with sailing, which is happening just up the road, in Enoshima, on our beautiful Shonan CoastYusa san and I discuss sports often, and he said he had recently found a wonderful hard back book documenting the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.


EddieMerckx front right in blue and yellow jersey!!









I vaguely remember the 1964 Olympics, watching from the USA.  Names like Abebe Bikila, Don Schollander, Eddie Merckx and Bob Hayes were names of champions in the Summer Games.  Yusa san knows that I am a photographer and appreciate photographs.  There are some excellent old school photographs in this book,and I thought I’d share a few with everyone.  We’ll keep the book here for a little while, if you’d like to see it, it’ll be on a desk in our Y’s Road Chigasaki store!


Nice hairstyles, ladies!!



Abebe Bikila, marathon champion.



Enoshima sailing!!



Bob Hayes: Olympic 100 m champion and all pro Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver



Shibuya corner looks a bit different, today!!