by: Naoki Sakai

Some of us have hit that age we really don’t want to be.  I’ll be turning 62, soon.  It isn’t something I’m altogether happy with.  Aging sorta sucks.  But in light of the fact we cannot stop time and life proceeds till it doesn’t, we make the best of our situations as happily and as active as we can!!  It’s important to keep as active as possible both for physical reasons and keeping mentally sharp.  The more active we are, the more energy we have, and life is better with more energy and fun!! 







To that end, I’m addressing the elder set who may have been athletes and very active in their younger years, but have slowed down or simply been too busy to actively participate in healthy and athletic sports.  Road biking is wonderful!!  It is easier on the knees than running, and much more fun to ride places like the Shonan Coast, from the Hakone area and Odawara to Chigasaki to Enoshima to Kamakura to Hayama to Yokosuka.  The ocean is at once beautiful and refreshing as one glides down highway 134!!  Simply, one sees the world in more detail when riding a bicycle and seeing back roads and places one would never see on foot or in a car. 




For me, I worked hard and raised my children. It took time and energy to get my kids as a single dad to adulthood and was detrimental to my physical well being.  That’s part excuse for being lazy and part not having time, giving my all for the kids(no regrets!!), as it is so easy to let ourselves drink and eat too much, and not get exercise.





But, now that I have the time, on my own, with the kids being able to care for themselves, it was great to get a couple of road bikes(a Giant and a DeRosa), a Brompton, and have the freedom to ride!  I think some may be reluctant to try and ride, perhaps having ridden bicycles years ago or doing other sports, to begin riding at 60 years plus, but I did!!  All it takes is doing it, at pretty much, any age!! And I’m happy to be more active and feeling good!!  Come see us at Y’s Road Chigasaki and discover your youth again!!  It’s never too late to see a new world from a bicycling perspective!! 😀 Let’s all live our lives to the max!! YAY!!