CHIGASAKI STYLE**Custom build your original dream bicycle!!
by: Naoki Sakai

Here at Y’s Road Chigasaki, we have a number of frames, from fairly inexpensive to the elite of Pinarello Dogma F12.  How to make the frame a bicycle and what is the cost is a question many ponder.  





The frame itself will cost anywhere from approximately 15 man yen +TAX to 73 man yen +TAX.   At the lesser cost end of component, handle bars, stem, cables, pedals, wheels and tires the price would be with the 11 speed Shimano 105,  approximately 15 man yen +TAX to construct a bicycle.  Adding up a lesser cost frame, it would be about 30 man +TAX to build your own bicycle. 




On the expensive end, an approximation I use for value is it costs about twice the amount of the frame to build a bicycle that is equal to the quality of the frame’s price.  That’s very subjective, of course, but it is a general idea, as, say, for a Pinarello, one might be looking at high end wheels, the lightest of handle bars, etc., which easily drives the cost up to twice the 73 man yen +TAX price of the Dogma F12 Disk.  Looking at the component prices of Shimano, Campy and SRAM, one can approximate an overall cost.



At Y’s Road Chigasaki, we have an expert staff who can help you determine how to best build your bicycle from scratch.  It’s a great feeling to make that bicycle from your own ideas involving everything that goes onto a bicycle.  From my own experience, I was intrigued by a De Rosa Age, chromium frame, and put together a bicycle full of Campagnolo parts.   There’s a full selection and prices of everything from handle bars to pedals at our store, or, if there is something specifically wanted, we can special order the parts and/or frame not in stock, to build the dream bicycle you want!  












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