by: Naoki Sakai

A clear sunny day at Southern Beach in Chigasaki.  We have many of these gorgeous days, where the sun shines brightly on our store, here at Y’s Road Chigasaki!!! 🙂  We have ENVE stem, handle bars and seat posts for your pleasure!!






These are ENVE black stealth, super light carbon accessories to upgrade your bicycle and make it look really cool!!







The stem is 31.8/6 (90).  It is priced at 36800 yen +TAX.  Seat posts are 31.6 and 27.2, and are priced at 36800 yen +TAX.  We have 3 handle bars, 31.8 42 road compact drop priced at 46800 yen +TAX and aero compact drop  31.8 42 and 31/8 40 priced at 52800 yen +TAX.  Come visit the sunny ocean here on the Shonan Coast and drop into Y’s Road Chigaski!! 😀