by: Naoki Sakai

A beautiful day to greet February, here at Y’s Road Chigasaki, on the clear ocean views of the Shonan Coast at Southern Beach!  I’ve recently made a few changes to my DeRosa Age, switching from white tape and saddle to an overall darker look.  It’s nice to switch up the bicycle look, every now and then.  It gives one a refreshing new feel to the bicycle for spring time!! 





Biggest changes are for the Selle Italia SP-o1 Saddle, made of titanium, on sale(just one remaining!) at 24750 yen +TAX down from 32000 yen +TAX.





I switched to SupaCaz bar tape, ‘Oil slick’ at 3800 yen +TAX and SupaCaz titanium bottle cages, at 4800 yen +TAX, each. 




SupaCaz bar tape looks gray, but has reflective oil slick quality when viewed from different angles and light!!

In addition, Lezyne 1300 XXL front light(power!!) at 10800 yen +TAX, Lezyne rear strip drive Pro 300 lumens, at 6980 yen +TAX and Lezyne cadence speed flow sensor at 5500 yen +TAX.  





We have all these products currently in stock, including a DeRosa Age chrome frame(champagne color), at Y’s Road Chigasaki!!  Come visit us and check out all our road, cross and triathlon bicycles and goods.  We look forward to seeing you soon!! 🙂