by: Naoki Sakai

When getting a bicycle, or anything, for that matter, we buy things to enjoy and cherish.  A road bicycle can either be just another item, or your special pride and joy.  My pride and joy is my DeRosa Age!!  Something you believe in with your heart and love the detail and take great care in selecting what looks good and what is functionally excellent. It is a part of you!




I’ve selected various parts and add ons in the last few weeks.  One is bar tape from Supacaz.  It is the ‘oil slick’ version, and it costs 3600 yen+TAX.  I wanted to switch up from white to a more greyish color to match the chromium look of my silver DeRosa Age, a sample of a frame in champagne color we have at Y’s Road Chigasaki.  The bar tape reflects in the light a rainbow of colors, which I liked.







Another add on is the Supacaz TI fly titanium bottle cage.  They sell for 4800 yen +TAX, each. The minimal look along with the usage of titanium make this bottle cage special, and fits the look of my DeRosa, perfectly!!




I have very strong front and rear lights on my DeRosa.  I have put on the Lezyne 1300 XXL macro drive, 10800 yen +TAX  and rear 300 lumens  Lezyne Strip Drive Pro, 6980 yen +TAX.  Excellent, bright lighting for safety.  These babies really shine!! I love ‘em!!






My wheels are Campagnolo Shamal Ultra, of which we have in the store as well.  They’re priced at 149500 yen +TAX.  Beautiful to look at. Functionally superior. Highly recommended.  I have Pirelli PZero(f-1 developed) tires.  Very good to ride. Very nice fit.  They are priced at 6900 yen +TAX each, and yes, we have them in stock!






My saddle is a Selle SP-01 s Flow.  It has a split technology of its construction making for comfort and ease of ride. We currently have two in stock, and one is an outlet model, priced down from 33000 yen to 24750 yen +TAX.  A great price for this awesome saddle. 




Finally, I have a Lezyne Super GPS at 16800 yen +TAX. and Lezyne cadence Flow sensors at 5500 yen +TAX.  I have Look pedals, currently out of stock. 





Come see my awesome bike at Y’s Road ChigasakiWe can build your dream, too!! 😀





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