CHIGASAKI STYLE**Glorious day for CADEX!! CADEX 42 DISC TUBELESS available at Y’s Road Chigasaki. Hurry! only 1 set!!
by: Naoki Sakai

Giant has used the Cadex name for a long time, since the 80’s, but it hasn’t been used, recently. This year, they have brought back the Cadex name as a sibling brand, with #overachieve.  Sometimes, companies will use their main brand as a sales point to their sub brand. With Cadex, that likely will not be the case, as it has great merit on its own as an innovative and top end research and development brand for wheels, saddles and tires.  




1 set of Cadex 42 Disc tubeless wheels in stock, today.


Cadex is making a number of products, including 42 mm rim, 65 mm rim, 4 spoke and aero disc wheels. along with Cadex boost saddles and Cadex race tires. These have limited availability and must be special ordered, at this time, and we have yet to have most stock for Cadex products.  However, we have one set of Cadex 42 Disc tubeless wheels, here at Y’s Road Chigasaki!!!  





The Cadex 42 Disc tubeless wheels we have in stock, the only set, has what they call a hookless rim design.  It provides the best flow transition from tires to the sidewall of the rim, resulting in reduced aerodynamic loss when compared to regular beaded hook rims.  The tires do not bulge out as much with the hookless rim design, it is a continuous carbon fiber structure made for durability and speed.




The Cadex 42 Disc tubeless also is made with carbon spokes, aero dynamically shaped for superior stability with lightness as a priority.   The reviews of this wheel are very good in the english sites I have seen.  Comparable to top end Lightweights, ENVE’s and Campy wheels, Cadex 42 is an all around wheel that belongs in elite company.  Cadex is the most talked about new product in the cycling world.  Team CCC, using Giant bicycles, will be on the Cadex.  The Cadex 42 Disc tubeless is priced for the front at 140000 yen +TAX and the rear at 180000 yen +TAX. The rear wheel is compatible to Shimano/SRAM sprockets. 


currently not in stock at Y’s Road Chigasaki.


currently not in stock at Y’s Road Chigasaki


Look for the Cadex wheels to gain popularity quickly, with likely some excellent results coming from the CCC team.  Here at Y’s Road Chigasaki, please come and check out the Cadex 42 Disc tubeless!  We’re waiting for you! 🙂