by: Naoki Sakai

Wow, is it getting warmer, quickly, now.  Let’s hope it stays this mild and wonderful for a little while.  I love the sakura season weather.  A bit cool in the morning, leading to a lot of sun and fun in the afternoon, without over heating, and then brisk evenings.  It’s a wonderful time to breathe the ocean air and feel alive!!  Here at Y’s Road Chigasaki, we’ve made a few changes.  I made a suggestion of putting the accessories and goods onto a far wall, and try to clear up space with less wire stands, leaving space for all our bicycles(we’ve a huge stock).  It was to clear up the cluttered look, and give Y’s Road Chigasaki some clarity and space, while organizing things like wheels, into a more streamlined store.











We all kind of pitched in on our day off, and moved a bunch of things around.  Our Mr. Matsuhashi led the group and directed movement of bicycles and goods.  He’s good at this kind of thing, and has a nice eye for balance.  His attention to detail gave a highly stockage of bicycles a good look, mounting some on stands, without filling the ceiling with bikes and wheels.  There’s more light coming in from the outside and generally feels nicer with more room.










It is easier to find goods, as they’re mostly all mounted on the wall, so the mazed look of multiple wire stands no longer exists.  Simpler, but effectively efficient!! We believe Y’s Road Chigasaki has a much more customer friendly, clean look, now. Come see for yourself, and see if you agree, as the Spring time is upon us here on Southern Beach in Chigasaki.  We look forward to seeing you!!  😀