CHIGASAKI STYLE**Bromptonin’ around Yamate!
by: Naoki Sakai

Spring time ride  in Yokohama!! I used to live in Yamate, and still go there for certain necessities, like medical things.   I’m not into train travel for obvious reasons, but had to go to the Yamate area.  There weren’t a ton of people around, but still quite a few considering the events happening.  I took my Brompton, newly furbished with a Ridea carrier(12400 yen +TAX, in stock gold and black color) and Chris King patriot grip nut(20000 yen +TAX, not in stock).







The Yamate area was still in cherry blossom bloom, and it was actually the first time I’d seen the sakura this year. I’ve been going to work at Y’s Road Chigasaki, and to home…staying mostly isolated on my days off.   In fact, the first time I’d been on public transportation in weeks.  It was nice to get out and ride the Brompton.





I have a new Brompton basket/bag…20000 yen +TAX, which works remarkably well, attached to the silver Ridea carrier, for easy clip on and off.  The basket looks sharp, and is big enough to load quite a bit at the store.  I tend to cook at home, so I have a fair amount of groceries, clean up fairly vigorously and have dog items to pick up. This basket makes it so much easier to carry things.  I used to just bring my backpack, but it would fill up and I’d have two plastic sacks hanging on either handle bar side.  Like a couple of elephant ba…..never mind. 🙂 Not all that safe, so having a basket attached to the Ridea carrier is a dream.  The carrier is attached directly to the frame and not the handle bars, so there is no weight sway as the distribution is directly on the bicycle itself.  When I turn, the handle bars are still free to move without a bag on it. In addition to the basket, we have a selection of Brompton bags that fit the carrier.   Come see our Brompton goods!! 😀