by: Naoki Sakai

What a beautiful day in Chigasaki.  The sky is blue.  The ocean breeze is clean.  The feeling is wonderful!  When the wind is down and the sun shines, we open the windows to be refreshed.  In the past month, we’ve cleared out a lot of racks and simplified the space of Y’s Road Chigasaki.









The bicycle products on the second floor are all consolidated to one side, making it easier to find all your road bicycle needs and at the same time, clear the confusion in the middle of the floor, opening it up to display bicycles only.  It has allowed for a much higher level of space usage with less clutter.  Customers are more at ease without the maze of wire cages.  There is now a definitive pattern and finding goods is simple…just walk the entire wall and whether you’re looking for tires, bottle cages, bar tape, chains, or whatever, you’ll find it! 






On the first floor, we’ve rearranged our Brompton display, and have cross bikes and foldies displayed, along with our repair/check area and register.   We’ve a solid wood staircase leading to the wooden flooring the second floor and display case with things like Garmin goods and Campagnolo derailleurs.  





It’s a difficult time to get around, and I’m wary of going out, if I’m being honest.  But, if there is a time to get a bicycle for reasons of health and transportation, this is it.  🙂  We’re open on weekends from 11:00-18:00, and 12:00-20:00 on weekdays, closed on Tuesdays.