by: Naoki Sakai

As the current situation calls for distancing and discretion, the cycling world has turned toward indoor training as a means to ride safely, at any time, in any outdoor condition. Although a bit copious compared to outdoor riding, it can be used to keep in top fitness.  Rider Lindsay Goldman interviewed her coach for SARIS on tips on how to maximize trainer miles, and here are some of the answers:







1. The benefits of indoor training is firstly and ultimately quality training.  Constant pedaling means no stopping for stop lights or stop signs, meaning anywhere from 1-3 hours of steady riding.

2. Indoor training is 50% more riding than outdoors, so a 60 minute ride is equivalent to 90 minutes outdoors. There is no coasting or free pedaling, thus the time used to train is lessened with great efficiency.

3. One can train indoors as often as necessary or wanted.  It varies on weather condition, how much training is to be done outdoors, etc.

 4. The difficulty or intensity of ride is controlled in the level of riding workout desired and duration, so a perfect intensity and duration for each rider can be individually prescribed.

5. It is harder to ride indoors because it isn’t as stimulating as riding outdoors. Even the most ardent riders indoors must ride outside at times because there is not enough stimulation indoors.

6.It gets hot indoors so to keep your core temperature down, fans are needed.  Riding like hot yoga is not recommended as core temperature gets too high. Use a fan.

7. Figure out what’s best for you.  Is it Zwift?  Is it listening to music?  And motivation that training is doing you well.  Also take in liquids and calorie replacement.  Balance is critical…inside and outside and breathe the fresh air!  







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