by: Naoki Sakai

ON a wonderfully warm, cloudy, but gorgeous day at Southern Beach, I’m showing a customer’s RIDEA Big Pulley Cage, C-60.  We do not have this particular shown cage in stock.  It has 16 upper teeth and 20 lower teeth. From previous models the C-60 is lighter in weight, with carbon outer cage and pulley.  The advantage of a big pulley has been documented and the idea is less friction in the drivetrain and less wattage wasted, thus creating more efficiency and speed. 





With the bigger pulley wheels, shifting has been a bit of a problem but this particular C-60 on this Pinarello shifts well.  The chain used is a Dura-ace 116 link.  One would think the shifting would be worse with the bigger top pulley, but it does have 3 advantages Ridea has built in, which may have an influence on the functionality of the shifting  1. The pulley wheels are coated with titanium nitrate, making for better durability and reducing resistance to the chain.  2. the teeth of the C-60 are shaped alternately high/low sizing for theoretically better chain fit catch and release.  3. The bearings of the large pulley are of larger diameter offering less resistance.  







Perhaps it is just this particular fit, but the shifting was excellent.  Whether it is excellence of assembly or perhaps the right fit, we shall see more in the future.  Suffice it to say, with this bicycle, the look and function are great, and we shall hear of the customer’s review on its performance, soon.   The cost of the Ridea Big Pulley is 43500 yen +TAX.  Again, we do not have the Ridea Big Pulley C-60 in stock, here at Y’s Road Chigasaki, but can special order it.  This particular color, the ‘oil slick’ is a special limited edition color.