by: Naoki Sakai

Well, it certainly looks like summer is getting near, with the temperatures reaching into the upper 20’s, today.  It feels hot outside, and would be beach weather, normally.  Nonetheless, it is a terrific day, here at Y’s Road Chigasaki!! 🙂  This bicycle has been shown before, but is worth showing again, the CERVELO R3 R9100.  Dura-ace on an assembled bicycle at a great price, too good to write here!!  You have to ASK.







This is a size 51 bicycle, good for around 171 cm individual.  The R3 carbon frame is a road designed bicycle for fast and all around riding, distances varying.   It is a high performance, all around bike. With Mavic Aksium elite wheels, this Cervelo R3 is light, stiff and designed for a great ride. It is a trustworthy machine.  With Dura-ace drive train and brakes, it is an elite racing bicycle, as well.






Originally priced at 790000 yen +TAX, it is ready to sell! Have a nice and safe day!! 😀