by: Naoki Sakai

The Tyrell FX Ruby Red is a folding bicycle that is built for speed, with great handling for longer rides than other collapsible’s.  With it’s drop handle bars and Shimano 105 drive train, this bike can pretty much keep up with road bikes.   Obviously, with a 20″ wheel base, not as fast as a roadie, but with high end hubs and lightweight wheels, the performance is excellent.








This ruby red is painted specially by Kadowaki, an elite paint company with superior finish.  The cost of the Tyrell FX Ruby red is 272000 yen +TAX.   It is made to be ridden by individuals anywhere from 160 to 180 cm in height. Tyrell is a Japanese maker coveted by Europeans as a wonderfully efficient and fast bike, with great aesthetics with the X slant design and carbon forks.







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