by: Naoki Sakai

Pinarello, the iconic maker of the fastest bicycles in the world, used by World Champion Team Ineos, is here at Y’s Road Chigasaki.  We have a number of Razha, Gan and Prince bicycles with recent Y’s point totals raised from 3 to 15%!!!!  The 15% point total is for cash buys and is for limited Pinarello’s, but applies to stock bicycles with caliper brakes.  It does not apply for disc models of Pinarello in stock. 







Personally, I love the look, feel and function of caliper brakes.  Pinarello Prince is a bicycle that is the affordable version of the top end Dogma series.  It is an excellent bicycle, size 51.5, and is highly cost effective, considering the grade of carbon it is constructed with and the overall standard of Prince.  It’s an elite bicycle, for absolute sure.  It goes for 385000 yen +TAX.  15% point total is 57750 yen value!  Points go toward any product in our store. 






The Razha and Gan series bicycles are all carbon bicycles with unique designs and the usual high end functional superiority of Pinarello.  The Razha, 51.5, above is a matt blue with white lettering. Of my faves!!  The price of the Gan is 298000 yen +TAX and Razha is 243000 yen +TAX.  The 15% points is an added plus to  the excellence of buying a Pinarello, a bicycle with the highest end character and style!!  Have a nice day!! 🙂