CHIGASAKI STYLE**Fulcrum Racing Zero DB RED Custom!
by: Naoki Sakai

Fulcrum’s Racing Zero DB aluminum rims with aluminum spokes is a wheel of great design.  It is considered the best aluminum wheel on the market by many.  The mix of light weight, reliability and great ride are second to none in the aluminum market.  This special red version scintillates!!







It uses a lightweight aluminum variant and CULT bearings of corrosion resistant steel bearings allowing for oil lubrication instead of the usual grease.  This CULT system drastically reduces the friction coefficient increasing the running smoothness of wheels up to 9 times compared to standard aluminum solutions. 







The key feature to Fulcrum’s wheelset are the spokes in its configuration, 2:1 spoke pattern, featuring 14 spokes on the side subjected to maximum torque and 7 on the opposite side, a design that guarantees symmetrical behavior of the wheel despite its asymetrical structure.   The wheel set relies on 2 way fit technology for standard clinchers or tubeless tires.   The price of he Fulcrum Racing Zero DB in Custom Red is 160200 yen +TAX for the pair of front and rear.  For Disc Brakes. 





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