by: Naoki Sakai

A warm, rather muggy, cloudy bright day!!  I like this kind of weather!  It’s good for riding.  Not much wind, and not too hot.  Careful, though…the UV rays are harsh, and thinking we’re good because there isn’t direct sunlight, we get some of our worst burns on days like this.   We have the very special new 2021 Emonda SL6 Ultegra Disc, size 52, black and red,  available for a free test ride!!







The  2021 Emonda’s have a new frame set with the streamlining of tubes to make it a much more aerodynamic bicycle than the 2020 model.  It is closer to the Madone, aero bike, but is still a versatile, all around road bicycle.  The stem/head area has been redesigned to organize and hide the cables.  Very sleek and streamlined!  Faster and more comfortable, the 2021 Emonda is one great ride, with innovative technology. 










Come see it at Y’s Road Chigasaki and ride it as a demo!!  All you need is a picture ID such as a driver’s license or Foreign registration card.  The Ultegra model sells for 360,000 yen +TAX.  We have a black SL6 Disc and a Blue SL6 Disc in stock!!  The SL6 105 is 280,000 yen +TAX.   Have a nice day! 🙂



Emonda SL6 105 DISC