by: Naoki Sakai

Another rainy day in paradise.  🙂   We’re open from 11:00-19:00 on weekends!!  We have a few new things for us…older model, but excellent things like the Kabuto Flair helmet on sale at 15050 yen +TAX! 30%off!!! 😀  








The Flair is a super light helmet, the most comfortable, in my opinion.  The ventilation combined with the weight makes this the helmet I use.  I like the matt coloring of the helmets, as well.  It’s all a matter of likes and dislikes, but I find the colors refreshing and fun.  The Flair helmet itself is the same as any of the Flair helmets, the colors allow for the new pricing.  The yellow is a size L/XL, while the red and blue are size S/M.  We have one of each, so hurry, if you like a certain color.  At this price, I doubt they last long!!










Come see us at Southern Beach in Chigasaki!!  It’s rainy, but there are buses every half hour from the station, and cafe’s below to enjoy the ocean.  Because it isn’t windy, today, it’s refreshingly warm and feels good, in spite of the rain!!  So, stop by and visit us and our full line of road bikes and accessories!! Have a nice day!! 😀





Red Flair on my head.  Wow, I should have used a better model. 🙂