CHIGASAKI STYLE**DeRosa Age out for a spin.
by: Naoki Sakai

Well, I have to admit, I’m not an expert rider, more of a have fun riding a road bike type.  I didn’t own a road bike until I began working at Y’s Road Chigasaki a couple of year’s ago.  I took a ride from Chigasaki to Hayama, a couple of days ago. It’s about a 45-50 km ride there and back from my place. My rides are casual. I am not a competitive rider, so I don’t push the limits of my body, as a sport.  I get some much needed exercise, enjoy the coastal oceanic air, and take my time. My speeds run from 28-40kmh. I stop when I feel over heated or need a rest, or just want to enjoy the many beaches and views of the road from Chigasaki to Enoshima to Kamakura to Zushi to Hayama, all great places just to hang out. 







The jointing of chrome tubes…no big welds, smooth joint technology in beautiful gold and silver!







My bicycle of choice is the DeRosa Age.  For those who don’t think an older style Chrome bike isn’t modern or comparable to a carbon bicyle, I’d beg to differ.  I love the way this bicycle looks and rides. It’s awesome!! 🙂 It is equipped with Campagnolo.  I have Shamal Ultra aluminum rim wheels.  I think they’re the ultimate aluminum wheel, with their aerodynamic spoke pattern, carbon hub and USB bearings.  The ride is excellent.  It has a comfort level and beautiful sound I like, on Pirelli P-Zero F-1 technology tires.  Shamal priced at about 167,000 yen +TAX.









The drive train and shifters are Campy’s Chorus, made of a carbon/aluminum mix. Total for the entire drive train set is roughly 250000 yen +TAX.  Mine is an older 11 speed version, it has upped to a 12 speed system, in 2020. I love the grip shape of the Campagnolo.  It is angled inward, so the hands rest comfortably.  There is no other maker that has a design like it.







I have a Selle SP01 saddle, designed with a left and right separated seat support for better function and comfort.  My bottle cages and bar tape are from Supacaz.  The bottle cage is titanium, while the bar tape is an oil slick that reflects different colors when the light is right. I ride with a Lezyne Super GPS, Lezyne and KNOG lights and go Aquarius in my bottle, and carry some simple just in case emergency equipment for possible flats. I only carry a bit of cash, id, and emergency contact.  My helmet is Kabuto Flair, super light helmets, and I always wear my Cinelli caps.  I have Look pedals and Mavic shoes. We have many(not all) of my equipment in stock, at various prices.







The rides I take aren’t that long, but I enjoy them 😀.  Hayama is great for its beauty and beaches, along with a nice winding ride through town, where a nice Starbucks sits on a corner for a stop, a seat and an iced coffee!!  Check out the Shonan Coast, it’s a wonderful ride for bikes, and a different look from either a car or a train!