CHIGASAKI STYLE**Light up with KNOG 330 degree beam angle!!
by: Naoki Sakai

The air conditioner isn’t cool enough!!!  Something’s wrong.  It works, but I’m hot!!  Well, the hot summer weather is definitely upon us!! The evening time, though, is a great time to ride bikes…at dusk, especially.  Here at Y’s Road Chigasaki we have a light I use, the KNOG 330 degree beam angle COBBER rear light.









It can be seen from various angles, with a bright light, and has various patterns and outputs.  It looks nice with its streamlined design.  KNOG is well known as a maker of bike goods that could win design awards for its sleek and beautiful presentation. 









The KNOG COBBER comes in 50 lumens at 5940 yen +TAX and 170 lumens at 7980 yen +TAX.  Please come in and visit us at Y’s Road Chigasaki at Southern Beach!! 😀  We are open until 19:00!!  Have a nice Sunday!! 🙂