by: Naoki Sakai

A bit of a cloudy day…nicer to not have the hot humid heat zapping our strength…or at least mine. Being a Colorado/California kid, I’ve never gotten used to the humidity.  Anyhoooo… I’m going to give my rather limited knowledge on riding bicycles as I took a spin on the FELT AR Advanced DISC ULTEGRA  A beautiful bicycle we had, until yesterday, 8/16, for demoSorry, we had them for a month, on loan, from FELT, and now they’re back to the owners. Of whom we were very appreciative of, allowing us to demo such an elite bike.










This bicycle is an aerodynamically designed bicycle made of TeXtreme carbon.  When I first got on the bicycle, it was quite different from my regular road bikes, the Giant TCR Advanced Pro and the Chrome DeRosa Age.  The obvious difference was in the wheel set, where it was the first time I had ever ridden 58 cm deep wheels…the Reynolds AR58C with Continental Grand Prix 5000 tires.  The handling was quite a bit stiffer.  Once the bicycle got up to speed, it was a fast, slick bike!!! Awesome speed. 😀









Probably being a bit naive to the power and acceleration of a TT type aero bicycle with deep wheels, it kinda blew my mind how fast the bike moves.  When I bike on my DeRosa or Giant, I’m probably averaging about 30 kph(old man ain’t very fast, kids!!).  I didn’t have a computer on board the demo, but I know for certain the bike was much faster on the flats at a regular pace.  I’d say at least 5 kph more even with these over used legs of mine.  😉  It kind of flowed like when I come down the tunnel curve from Hayama into Zushi.  Not quite, since that is downhill, and I pedal/coast down thru there at about 45-50kph, but my eyes were wide open at the speed generated by the FELT on flat roads. Very excitingly fast. TeXtremely Carbon stiff and smooth








The handling is obviously for straight roads.  It is nowhere near the versatile handling of my road bikes, and I wouldn’t want to ride an aero type bike up a mountain.  They’re heavier and any crosswind has to be fought more due to the thick wheels. So, probably not news to many people, these bikes are for the straight and flatter roads, and are WOW type fast.  It was the first time I had used disc brakes by Ultegra or any make.  I didn’t even realize the difference from my caliper Ultegra or Campagnolo Chorus until I’m writing this up, so I guess I’m not all that in tune with the disc brakes, but they worked fine. 🙂  Sorry, I’m just a recreational rider, so no detailed, deep analysis.  😀  Also, the sky was quite uniquely beautiful!! 









We have the Ultegra model at 59,8000 yen +TAX and the Ultegra Di2 model at 79,8000 yen +TAX. in stock.  If you want a fast bike, that looks great and performs like a racer, this is a great bicycle!!  Come see them if you have the time, here at Y’s Road Chigasaki!!!! 🙂   Happy Summer!