by: Naoki Sakai

I was out riding, after dark on my Brompton, and found an area of the ocean side pathway, made for runners and bicyclists that had been closed was open.  It was completely repaved to a beautiful black top, smooth with no sand, just the feel of comfortable wheels humming along.  It has new white fencing and sand breaking fencing, to give it a nice look. 








Another day, I was on my DeRosa, cycling 134, and decided to see if the pathway from Enoshima would connect without huge sand dunes from winds blocking the road, making it useless to ride.  There were areas of sand covering the path, at times, but pavement showing through, which made my tires get a bit dirty, but no major affect on my drive train. It was a nice ride up the beach coast. 









I don’t know if I’d recommend a highly tuned road bike, if one is sensitive to sand being a problem, but it was accessible to the point, I wasn’t worried about anything more than the tires running over some sandy parts. 











The paved path runs from the far edge of Chigasaki, near the Hiratsuka end, to the near end, onto the beach area, of Enoshima.  It’s about 8 km in length, and easily connects to the walkway above Enoshima Beach, and that road goes for another 2 km or so, to the Enoshima crossing.   It’s a nice ride and or run/walk, and somewhere in the middle is Y’s Road Chigasaki!!