CHIGASAKI STYLE**Taking out the 2021 TREK EMONDA SL6 Ultegra Disc for a ride!!
by: Naoki Sakai

We have a 2021 TREK EMONDA SL6 Disc for demo.  It’s free, just bring a photo ID, and test this beautiful bike.  I took the bicycle out yesterday near our store at Y’s Road Chigasaki. The ocean side is a beautiful place and feels great to get outdoors and feel the breeze and suck in the fresh air!! 😀









It’S equipped with Ultegra components and discbrakes.  The cables are all hidden in the new head area built for 2021 by TREK.  It’s a streamlined aero designed head piece with cables going from handle bars thru the head tube.  We have this bicycle on demo for the foreseeable future.  Please come in and try it.










I found the new Trek to be very quick, fast…one pedal rotation and zoom!!  It rides really well. It is slightly heavier than, say, a climber, but comes in at 8.13 KG.  This gives it enough weight to be fast and stable on the straights, and is a nice handling all around road bike, as well.  The disc brakes are functionally excellent.  They work with stoppage that was precise.  For me, I love my caliper brakes, because it allows for touch and slowing down.  I found the disc brakes very sensitive to touch.







We have 2 2021 Emonda SL 6 Ultegra’s for sale at  360000+TAX and an SL 5 105 for 280000 yen+TAX.  Come check them out!!!  We are open to 19:00 every day, except closed on Tuesday’s.  Have a good one!! 🙂