CHIGASAKI STYLE: PINARELLO 2021 PARIS!!! The beauty of Paris.
by: Naoki Sakai

Welcome to another addition of Y’s Road Chigasaki english language fun!!  😀  Today, I am proudly introducing our newest addition to our road biking selection, the Pinarello Paris.  It is a beautifully built bicycle, affordable and named after the city where Miguel Indurain rode Pinarello to victory!  The Paris is a direct descendant of the Dogma’s Indurain rode!! 














It is designed directly from the Dogma series of elite bicycles with aero frame and asymmetry.  It is available only in disc brakes, and is outfitted with s Shimano 105 drive train.  It has a slightly shorter reach and higher stack for endurance riding. The endurance cousin of Dogma, if you will.  It is priced at 339000 yen +TAX. The silver/gray one shown is a size 53.













It is available in blue and red.  We have a blue in size 54.5 and a red in size 51.5.  Come on down to Y’s Road Chigasaki at Southern Beach in Chigasaki and check the new Pinarello Paris out!! 😀 We look forward to seeing you!!! 🙂