by: Naoki Sakai

I’ve been known for wearing cycling caps at Y’s Road Chigasaki.  I like them for riding because of the fit under a helmet, and the cap keeps the helmet from getting sweaty as it absorbs moisture, and then I can easily wash it, when I get home.  The short bill of the cap flips up, which is really convenient when riding or taking photos.  A regular baseball cap won’t flip up and won’t get out of the way.  Once I got used to the bicycle cap, baseball caps aren’t as good.












The Cinelli caps have been my favorites.  Actually they’re the only brand I have, but I got a lot of ‘em.  They’re fun! Bicycling is not made to be dull and color muted, to me.  I love the colors because they make me feel alive with optimism and energy.  I’m not into the look as conservative as possible approach to life.  Not that I’m into garish and silly usage of color, but Cinelli has wonderful designs, from a range of guest designers, to give a diverse look, and they exude happiness!!  What’s wrong with happiness!  Nothing!  Let’s spread it around!!!! 🙂

















They’re priced right around 2800 yen +TAX.  Some think it’s expensive for a cap.  I think it’s fine to get the extra aesthetic sense that other caps don’t have.  I love the designs of the bill of the cap when they’re flipped up.  Cinelli always has some great happy things to look up to!!  These photographed are a few examples here that are in stock, and they’re well worth the money, in my opinion!! 🙂














The slogan for Cinelli caps is ‘Happy to make another rider Happy’  I totally agree.  If any of these photos make you feel happy, that’s great!!  It’s why I’m here. 😀

In truth, I’m kind of on the ledge here, as I’m the one who pushed to get some of these caps in the store.  I’ve asked for them, oh…for about 2 years, now…I think they’re cool and awesome, but have been told they’re too colorful and not what road cyclists want and won’t sell.   So, please buy them!!  Save my reputation.  LOL. 😀 😀  We’re open from 10-19:00 on weekends and 11-19:00 on weekdays with Tuesday’s closed.  











Have a wonderful Cinelli day!!! 😀