CHIGASAKI STYLE**RIDEA OSPW+(OverSized Pulley Wheel System) Rear Derailleur cage RD6 E60!!!
by: Naoki Sakai

This is an over sized pulley system redesigned in 2020 from previous  RIDEA C60 series.   Both cages are completely new and made of forged Carbon composites.  Critical areas have been thickened for better resistance while reducing the average weight by 10grams.  New pulley bearing shields save weight and increase the distance between pulley and the cogs.  The result is ever greater moment of inertia and power save.













The characteristics are:    Model name: Ridea OSPW+ RD6E60

                                               Compatibility: Shimano Dura-ace 9100/9150 and Ultegra R8000/8050

                                               Lower Pulley: 20t. High resistance forged carbon. Full #699 bearings.

                                               Upper Pulley: 16t.  High resistance forged carbon.  Full #699 bearings.

                                               Available accessories: RDH L28(rear bracket axle extender 

recommendable with some gear and frame combinations)  RD W15 (rear derailleur hanger washer: increases changing performance on the smaller cogs  with certain gears and frame combinations.)
















Come see the Ridea Over Sized pulley Wheel system at Y’s Road Chigasaki.  It will increase your speed and efficiency.  Chain length will likely need to be extended, so a new chain may be required.  The price is 49,500 yen +TAX .  It has a full 4 year warranty!